system-source [1]

Syslog-ng OSE can automatically collect the system-specific log messages of the host on a number of platforms using the system() driver.

Important Information

If the system() driver is included in the syslog-ng OSE configuration file, syslog-ng OSE automatically adds the following sources to the syslog-ng OSE configuration. It automatically links to the default logs destination of the given platform through a compatible driver. For example:
Message source
unix-dgram("/dev/log"); file("/proc/kmsg" program-override("kernel") flags(kernel));
Solaris 8


Upon testing this driver on macOS, you will face with the following error:
system(): Error detecting platform, unable to define the system() source. Please send your system information to the developers!; sysname='Darwin', release='20.5.0'
This is because system() is not designed for macOS. The support for the same needs to be added.